If you need to get files that others have worked on from your mudstack workspace, you can download them as single or multiple files and/or folders.

To do this, select the files/folders you want and either right-click Download or click the download icon in the toolbar.

Files will be downloaded to your default download location.

Known bug: June 26, 2023 Currently every file that is downloaded from search view or the file details view gets put into its relative path + 1 extra subfolder. As a workaround if you only need a few files, you can download the relevant version from the file details Versions tab. This will download the file only.

Downloading Libraries

When you download a library, mudstack will create a .zip of all the files in the library and respect the underlying folder structure.

Syncing Files


Being able to selectively sync (up to and down from the cloud) files/folders/libraries is much more convenient than the manual method of uploading/downloading files.

We are actively developing this feature. It is slated for a November 2023 release.

Key requirements:

  1. Ensuring that the latest versions of synced files are available locally.
  2. Notifying users of any conflicts when they are working on a file locally and it has new versions available in the cloud.
  3. Providing options for conflict resolution.
  4. Easy uploads of new local versions.
  5. Non-destructive file versioning with painless rollbacks.