Mudstack supports annotating anywhere on your monitor(s)— in app or in Maya/Unreal etc.

Pictures speak louder than a thousand words, which is why as a lead or art director, you regularly take screenshots of work in progress and mark it up with various tools to share feedback with your artists.

Doing this outside of mudstack is cumbersome, and the annotated feedback itself can easily get lost when it is disconnected from the artwork itself.

Why Annotate in mudstack

When you annotate files in mudstack, you ensure that the annotated feedback is always connected to the file rather than disconnected in Jira/Trello/Slack etc.

Due to how our annotation toolbar works, you can share annotated feedback on any file type— even those that mudstack doesn’t support for preview, such as Maya, ZBrush, Substance etc, by annotating directly in those apps and keeping that annotation connected to the file in your mudstack workspace.

How to Annotate

To annotate via mudstack, you must be using the desktop application. Because our annotation tools allow you to draw anywhere on your monitor, it does not work via the browser app.

annotations in mudstack

Start an annotation:

  1. You must be leaving a comment or a review to add an annotation.
  2. Launch the annotation tool by clicking the pencil icon in the comment box.
  3. Organize your windows and monitors as you would like them to appear (you can deselect unnecessary monitor screens later).
  4. Click one of the annotation tools— pencil or text, and start drawing or writing on the screen.
  5. You can change the color by selecting one of the color presets.
  6. You can move the entire toolbar by clicking the mudstack icon or Annotate text on the toolbar and dragging.
  7. Use the eraser tool to delete parts of your annotation, the undo or redo buttons to step back or forwards and the delete button to clear the annotation.
  8. Once you’re done, you can click Submit Annotation. If you decide not to annotate, you can click the × to close the toolbar.
  9. You will see a screenshot of your annotation in the comment box.

The annotation tool captures all connected monitors, you can delete any unwanted monitor screencaptures at this point inside the comment box before submitting.

Viewing Annotations

Submitted annotations can be viewed from the attachments section for a file.

Annotation Improvements

We have a few planned improvements to our annotation toolbar on our roadmap:

  1. Allow the user to title each annotation.
  2. Allow the user to select a monitor or window to capture rather than all connected monitors.

Share your feedback

Do you have thoughts on how we can make this feature better? Share your thoughts with us on our feedback portal.