Speed of iteration is key to the progress of a team, and feedback is an integral part of iteration. Feedback, however, tends to get misplaced. It might live in easily lost Slack/Discord chats, be forgotten in Zoom calls that no-one took notes for, or get buried in issue tracking tools.

One thing, however, is certain: without mudstack, feedback is always detached from the file itself.


A daily workflow for an art team is the act of leads and directors providing their feedback to their team of artists.

Mudstack streamlines this process:

  1. Artists can request a review and tag the relevant reviewer at any time through mudstack.
  2. This creates a to-do in the leads mudstack dashboard.
  3. The lead can either approve or request changes on the file.
  4. Change requests will show up as a to-do on the assigned artist’s dashboard.
  5. The artist can make the changes and upload a new version, and return to step 1.

Request a Review

When a file has reached a stage where the artist is ready for a review, they can upload the file (or new version) to mudstack and tag their lead(s) to provide their feedback and review.

requesting a review in mudstack

  1. To do this, follow the steps to push a file or version to the cloud.
  2. Select the file and click on the Reviews tab.
  3. Using the dropdown, select a reviewer.
  4. This creates a Review Request to-do for the selected reviewer.
  5. Once the reviewer has either Approved or Requested Changes, the artist will see a notification in their dashboard.
  6. If the review result is a Change Request, that will show up as a to-do in the assigned artist’s dashboard under the Changes Requests tab.

Provide a Review

providing a review in mudstack

  1. When an artist requests a review from an art lead, the reviewer will see a Review Request to-do in their dashboard.
  2. To act on the review request, click the file and then the Reviews tab. Here, you can leave your approval or change request. When leaving a Change Request, you can assign it to a specific artist for action.
  3. When you select Request Changes, this creates a Change Request to-do for the assigned artist on their dashboard.

Feedback History

When viewing a file in the mudstack cloud, you can click on the Timeline section to see a complete history of that file, including all feedback.

All comments, approvals, change requests and lifecycle changes (new versions, tags etc) for the file are displayed here.

Real-time Notifications

Learn how to set up real-time feedback notifications.