Protecting your IP is a big concern for any game studio. Mudstack is designed from the ground up with this in mind. Besides our secure architecture, the ability to manage permissions for users in your account is the main way you can control access to your content.

Mudstack has 3 primary permissions: Manage Art, Review and Admin. Depending on the plan the account is subscribed to, you can manage permissions at the workspace level.

Advanced User Permissions

The Review, Admin and Owner permissions require an advanced user paid license. A single license per user is required for any/all of these permissions.

Account Permissions

account level permissions in mudstack

When a user joins an account, they can be granted specific permissions at the account level.

All users with workspace access can download and comment on files.

For Artists

Manage art: this is the permission you should grant to artists on the team. This allows them to upload files and versions. They can select specific art leads to review their work when they are ready for feedback. This permission is free.

For Art Leads

Review: this is the permission you should grant to art leads. This allows them to be selected for a review and allows them to provide an approval or a change request. This is a paid Advanced User permission.

For Admins & Owners

Admin: this allows the user to administer the account— change the account or workspace name/icon, invite new users to the account, create workspaces and add account members to specific workspaces. This is a paid Advanced User permission.

Owner: By default, the account creator is the owner as well as a licensed advanced user. After account creation, this permission can be shared with other users in the account. Only owners can change billing/plan details and delete the account. This is a paid Advanced User permission.

Only account Admins and Owners can see the Account members settings in order to invite users to the account and manage their permissions.

For Viewers

Viewers may not upload content to a workspace or review a file. They can only comment on and download files.

Create a Viewer role at the account or workspace level by removing all other permissions from a user. You can grant this permission to producers, marketers and others. This is a free permission.

Workspace Permissions

Account admins always have access to all workspaces in the account, whether private or shared.

workspace level permissions in mudstack

On the Team plan, workspace permissions are inherited from the account permissions and are the same for all account members. These permissions cannot be modified.

On the Indie plan, workspace permissions are inherited from the account permissions and can only be modified at the account level.

On the Enterprise plan, workspace permissions can be different from the account permission as long as the modification is to a lower access level.

For instance, a non-admin user at the account level cannot be made an admin user at the workspace level but the opposite is allowed.