Downloading and storing files can eat up quite a bit of your hard drive. Use these tools to help reduce disk usage for especially large workspaces or files.

Go to Settings → App Settings → Cloud Workspaces to manage disk usage across all of your mapped workspaces.

Depending on how much data you are storing, this page may take some time to load.

Store Cloud

The Store Cloud option (default is unchecked) will store a copy of every downloaded file in the workspace’s version store (/.mudstack). Leave this unchecked unless you want to have local copies.

Keep Local

Keep local (default is checked) will store a copy of every file you have pushed to a workspace in the workspace’s version store (/.mudstack). Unchecking this will give you back space whenever you push new files and versions to your cloud workspace

Cleanup Workspace

The Cleanup Workspace action will clean your current version store of any files that do not match the settings you have defined for that workspace.

You wil see this button in the Actions column for each mapped cloud workspace.

In the event you have a lot of excess disk usage before version 1.3.6, this action may provide you with more space.

Disable Syncing on a file or folder

Click the Disable Syncing icon in the top right of a synced file/folder or Right click → Disable Syncing

To see more about managing sync, please read how to disable auto syncing.