All multi-user accounts (i.e. accounts subscribed to anything but the Artist plan) allow you to invite and work with others in the same account.

Adding Users

Users must belong to the account and workspace in order to view workspace contents.

Invite to an Account

To invite users to the account, you must be an account admin.

If you are an account admin, go to Settings > Account Settings > Members. Here you will be able to enter one or more email addresses for users you would like to invite to the account.

On the Team plan, all invitees automatically receive all permissions— they can upload art, review files and administer the account. Only the account owner can delete the account.

On the Indie plan and higher, when an invitee accepts the invitation to join your account, they are added to the account with the free Manage art permission, which only allows them to upload and comment on files.

An account admin must proactively give them additional (paid) licensed permissions if they so desire.

Accepting Invitations

When an invite is sent, pending invitations will show at the bottom of your account members list. These users should receive an email invitation asking them to join the account.

On clicking the button in the email, they will be prompted to sign in to mudstack and asked to join the account.

We know of certain occasions where the button in the email does not function. Never fear! These invited users can still log in to mudstack with the same email. Doing so will prompt them to join the account.

Add to a Workspace

On the Enterprise plan, a workspace admin must add account members to the workspace in order for them to see the workspace. To do this, go to Settings > Account Settings > Workspaces and expand the workspace you want to add people to. You will see a list of account members available to add to the workspace. Clicking the checkbox will add them to the workspace.

Removing Users

From a Workspace

On the Enterprise plan, you can remove users from a workspace by hovering over their record under Settings > Workspaces > Workspace and clicking the delete icon.

On the Team and Indie plans, all account members are automatically added to all workspaces and cannot be removed.

From the Account

To remove a user from the account entirely, go to Settings > Account Settings > Members and delete the user from the list.