Mudstack has a built in notification feed which can be seen on the dashboard for your account.

By default, you get notifications for any file that you are subscribed to.

Subscribing to a file can be a manual action— if you click the bell icon near the top right of the file details, this will subscribe you to the file for notifications.

You will also be automatically subscribed to a file if any of the following are true:

  • You were @mentioned on the file
  • You commented on the file
  • You uploaded the file or a version of the file
  • You reviewed a file

Real-time Notifications

Mudstack offers a Slack webhook integration that allows you to send real-time event activity for a mudstack Workspace to a selected Slack channel. A Discord integration is currently planned.

Slack Integration

Slack integration

We recommend selecting or creating one Slack channel per mudstack workspace that you would like to set up real-time notifications for.

Events that generate a notification include:


  • Add file
  • Add file version


  • Create Folder
  • Create library
  • Create tag

Review & Feedback

  • Change request
  • Approval
  • Review request
  • New comment

Setting it up

  1. Create an app for your Slack workspace here. You need to be a Slack account admin to do this. Slack app creation
  2. Select a channel to send the messages to.
  3. Get the webhook URL of the bot (click the Copy button) and email it to us at and we can finish the setup. Slack app creation

For each new channel you want to send notifications to, you need a separate webhook URL. Click the Add New Webhook to Workspace button and send it to us to finish set up.

mudstack Workspace 1 → Slack channel 1 = Webhook URL 1

mudstack Workspace 2 → Slack channel 2 = Webhook URL 2

Other Integrations

Discord Integration

We have several requests for a Discord integration— please visit our Feature Request portal to upvote this feature. When it receives enough upvotes, our team can prioritize its development.