Pushing data involves uploading your local changes to the cloud. To view your local changes, click the Changes button in the top nav or the View my changes button located at the top right corner.

Pushing Content to a Workspace

You MUST have have a local directory mapped to a cloud workspace to push local versions to the cloud. If your workspace is cloud or local only, map the workspace first.

Every modification you make to file metadata, libraries, tags, and workspace details will be included in the push table. This table displays only the pushes related to the currently selected workspace.

Staging & Pushing Your Changes

On the Changes view, you will see a list of all local changes made by you. From here, you can select related changes in order to push them as a group with a push message title and optional description.


Select related changes

Choose the data you wish to push and stage it for a push by clicking the checkbox.


Describe your changes

Write a brief yet descriptive title to summarize the reason for your changes, with an optional more detailed description.


Upload your changes

Click the Push Changes button to send your changes to the cloud.

When you click the Push Changes button, mudstack will fetch before the push to check for conflicts.

By default, only the current version of any file in the staged area gets pushed to the cloud. In most instances, this will also be your last save for the file unless you manually set an older local version to be the current version.

Unstaging Changes

At any point before clicking the Push Changes button, you can unstage changes to remove them from that push. To do this, simply uncheck the checkbox and that change will go back to the Unstaged area.

Discarding Changes

You can discard a change by selecting one or more changes (either in the staged or unstaged section), right-clicking and selecting Discard Changes from the menu.

Uploading Non-current Versions

If you want to upload any non-current local versions for any reason, mudstack allows you to do this from outside of the regular push flow described on this page.

See upload non current versions for more Info.

Automated Pushing

Some data will be pushed automatically. This will happen immediately after a change in order to maintain continuity with the cloud workspace.

Automated pushes include:

  1. Account Data
  2. Workspace Deletion
  3. Workspace Creation -> Send to Cloud