You can try mudstack free for yourself and your team.

mudstack pricing plans

Mudstack offers several options for plans, and chances are that one will fit your needs.

For free evaluation, choose from the Artist and Team plans. If you want to unlock more features and storage, upgrade to the Indie or Enterprise plan.


All multi-user plans include unlimited artist licenses. We charge only for advanced users on the Indie plan.

The Artist Plan

The Artist plan is the starting point for all mudstack users— it’s your own personal account to try mudstack, manage local files and back up important files to the cloud.

Every user that signs up for mudstack gets a free Artist plan account. This is a single user plan and allows you to use the desktop application to better manage your local files. Tag and organize files into Libraries and let mudstack manage your file versions.

50GB of included cloud storage allows you to back up critical files in the cloud and access them from anywhere.

Ready to work with others? Check out our Team plan (also free)👇!

The Team Plan

The Team plan lets you evaluate mudstack for free— invite your team and try it out.

We know it’s important to evaluate new software before deciding whether to pay for it or not. That’s where the Team plan comes in— invite unlimited collaborators and test drive mudstack with no time-limits.

Limits are only enforced on storage— the plan comes with 50GB cloud storage. Certain features (Reviews & Tasks) will also be limited in the near future.

On this plan, every user in the account has the same permissions, but only the account owner can delete the account.

If you’re ready to remove the limits and set permissions for different account members, then consider upgrading to the Indie plan.

The Indie Plan

The Indie plan comes with more storage and user permissions to manage your team.

The Indie plan allows you to set permissions on account members and comes with 4TB of cloud storage. It’s ideal for smaller teams working on a small number of internal projects.

In this plan, all account members belong to every workspace within the account. If you have a need to create private workspaces and manage who has access to which workspace, then consider the Enterprise plan.

Advanced users cost $19/mo when paying monthly or $15/mo when paying annually.

The Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan comes with white glove treatment for your teams unique needs.

On the Enterprise plan, there are unlimited users for a flat annual fee, and we offer 20TB cloud storage tp start. You can also get access to our API if you’d like to integrate mudstack more deeply into your pipeline.

With white-glove onboarding, training, priority support, and content migration, we’ll help you get running in no time.

Changing Plans

Only multi-user accounts can change their plans, and only account owners have the ability to do so.

Click on Settings and go to Account > Plans. From here, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan account.