What’s New in v1?

The sync feature allows users to map their cloud workspaces to their local machine, make changes locally, and then push those changes back to the cloud for review and sharing.

mudstack v1 streamlines the workflow of artists uploading content for review and distribution, as well as the ability to stay in sync with a project (or any part of it).

For more information check out the sync docs to get started with the new features!

Changes to Uploading and Downloading

In order to enhance our data management process, we have implemented some changes that will streamline your experience:

  1. Workspace Mapping: Instead of performing manual uploads and downloads, it’s now required to map your cloud workspace to a specific location on your computer.

  2. Downloads Centralized: All downloads will be directed to the mapped workspace location, ensuring a more organized approach.

  3. Push and Pull Process: We have introduced a standardized push and pull process to manage data updates efficiently.

  4. Push and Pull Tables: Your local changes will be tracked in the push table, while cloud changes made by others will be recorded in the pull table.

  5. Data Synchronization: Consistently using the push and pull process will guarantee that your data remains up to date and synchronized.

We believe that adopting these improvements will lead to a more effective and organized data management workflow. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How Does This Affect My Current Cloud Workspaces?

Rest assured, your current cloud workspaces remain unchanged.

We’re introducing a new feature that empowers you to map your cloud workspaces to local directories on your computer. This addition offers you greater flexibility and control over your workspace management.

How Does This Affect My Local Workspaces?

When you update the app from v0.8.98 to v1.x.x, all your existing local managed directories will smoothly migrate to your personal account as local workspaces, ensuring easier access and a seamless transition.

Starting now, all local workspaces are required to be associated with a user account. This ensures a secure and personalized experience tailored to your needs.

If you need any help during this upgrade, please contact us for support.

What Can I Do in the Web App vs. the Desktop App?

Desktop App: Empowering Artists’ Workflow The desktop app serves as a versatile tool for artists, enabling them to save and push file versions effortlessly. Additionally, it facilitates pushing fresh content to the cloud.

Cloud App: Tailored for Admin, Producers, and Directors Designed primarily for admin, producers, and directors, the cloud app provides a streamlined environment for those who don’t require file downloads or editing capabilities.

Universal Capabilities Both apps offer seamless functionality for reviews, comments, task management, and account and workspace administration. This ensures consistentency regardless of the chosen platform.